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Every workplace is unique. There is a synergy between the workers and space, and where the intersection is supportive morale and the business will flourish. Whether you work in an energy-intensive environment or not, there may certainly come a time when the needs of the workers are no longer met by the place. In some situations, this may require you to change workplaces entirely, but more commonly all that is required is an upgrade to bring balance between the capacity of the space and the needs of the workers. It is commonly overlooked by managers who will attempt to meet these new demands by changing the floor plan and or the furniture but an upgrade of the electrical systems can also lead to a major increase in productivity. In this article, we will discuss some simple electrical upgrades for commercial properties that can increase safety, efficiency and capacity for your workplace.


The first and potentially the easiest upgrade is more power points. We all know daisy chaining power boards is a bad idea but when summer comes around and everyone wants to run their own fan and the new girl wants to charge her electric bike it might seem too late for an upgrade. That’ll be the day your breaker spits the dummy and you lose hours and hours of productive work.

This kind of problem can be addressed by scaling your power capacity as your workforce increases. Additionally, consider installing or upgrading air conditioners before summer comes around.

Simple electrical upgrades can be carried out with minimal disturbance to your workflow although it is best to plan potential downtime with your electrician as power may need to be shut off for part of the installation process.


Increasing automation, computation and the rise in 24/7 warehouse solutions means warehouses are becoming increasingly power-hungry workplaces. Thankfully there are some upgrades which can increase the capacity of these spaces and even save you money.

Many warehouses were built before the modern age of energy saving lighting fittings. Lighting can cost a lot of money at it is possible much of it can be upgraded to consume less electricity more intelligently, talk to your electrician.

Another major advantage of a warehouse is a large amount of roof space. Installing solar panels can drastically reduce your dependency on the grid and fossil fuels while reducing energy costs at the same time. Depending upon the size of your warehouse you could even produce excess electricity and sell it back to the grid.


An uninterrupted power supply is a unit which will provide a few minutes of extra power when mains turns off. This is exceptionally useful for computers running systems that must be backed up in emergencies as it gives you time to save work. A backup generator is a more extensive solution that will provide electricity indefinitely when mains turns off. A backup generator should be considered if downtime is not an option, MRI machines, for example, should never be totally powered down.


Dr Sparky Electrical should be your first point of call for commercial electrical solutions. We can help you discuss options for upgrades and then be your single point of call for the entire upgrade. We can plan, deliver and install an entire upgrade beginning to end. Call us today for more information on 1800 377 727 or contact us online.

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