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Electricity plays a massive role in our lives today. Virtually everyone goes everywhere with a smart phone and we get anxious when there’s nowhere to charge them. Our appetite for electricity is immense in this modern age and nowhere more so than in the home. We want to be able to charge our laptops while we’re watching television and cooking dinner on the electric stove, and it’s not too much to want. If you do find that difficult, read on, in this article we will be discussing how electrical upgrades can add value to your property.


The age of gas is coming to a close. More and more households are switching over to electric stoves and ovens. This is both a safety and reliability transition as well as an aesthetic one. In the case of houses with solar panel installations it is also a green transition. With the rise of the celebrity home chef also comes more powerful blenders, kettles and other kitchen appliances. All of this combines to make kitchens increasingly social places to spend time with friends and family collaborating, and with all of those people more lighting is in order.

If you are having trouble with not being able to use all of your kitchen appliances or with flickering lights while you’re trying to, perhaps a kitchen upgrade is right for you. Consider that it’s very likely the trend will continue and if you’d like the next fantastic kitchen gadget to work you might need an upgrade.


Bathroom renovations always add value to a property. Modern fittings and design have truly made bathrooms some of the most stylish and luxurious rooms in the house. It is even possible to integrate surround sound speakers so you can feel like you are on stage while singing in the shower.

Nobody wants to stare at a filth covered fan while they are having a bath, and it makes a difference to a potential homebuyer too. If they can compare themselves blissing out and enjoying their morning under quality heat lamps or staring at black mould in a dark room which do you think is more likely to sell for more?


Smart homes are no longer science fiction. Smart homes are houses that connect utilities and services together via combined control points. They can be controlled through specific apps for your smart phone, connected to your home via WiFi or via in wall panel or both. There is an amazing degree of customisation available with smart home technology. From the same app you can control the temperature zones of your entire house through the ducted air conditioning system and make Mozart play in the children’s bedrooms so they know it’s time for dinner. You can set roller shutters to close and open based upon weather information from your local provider, and set a schedule for lighting so that lights automatically dim after 10pm.

You can also tell your house you are on your way home and it should begin warming up the floor in your bathroom. Of course you need all the relevant appliances and utilities, like underfloor heating, for the smart house system to control them but from there how you use it is up to you.


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